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New Softwares
1. Create phone verified account automatically.
2. Proxy and Useragent support, so it can protect your account from being banned.
3. Being available to create accounts with multiple threads.
4. Saving the registered successful accounts, and the saved format of it is: Email account, Password, An alternate mail, Registered phone number, FirstName, LastName, Proxy, Useragent.
5. About the registered successful accounts file, you can change the file extension .txt to .csv, and then you can view the saved data as a table format. (Note: when you are running the task, please do not edit the file format).
RATING : 7.9 points
Chad 42 298
Last reply : cutebabygirls - 2017/2/12 1:54:42
Key point of it:
Automatically click the site according to the keyword, and then randomly click number of internal link of your site. So it will increase not only statistics, but the CTR of your website, and consequently, the rankings of your website.
You can use this bot to search your competitor’s ads or search your website to improve its heat and ranking.
RATING : 8.1 points
Last reply : Harvey01 - 2016/11/17 16:19:17
PinterestAccountCreator is a kind of software which can register accounts on Pinterest automatically.
1. Multiple thread support to finish your task quickly.
2. Automatically fill in the data.
3. Automatically save the data to your local file.
RATING : 7.4 points
Kerwin 16 84
Last reply : Kerwin - 2017/1/11 10:36:24
This bot was created to shorten urls using,, and tiny url,
no account is required no api
RATING : 6 points
This is a working Visitor bot, this will increase your money that you can earn with
This product includes: Bot Ultimate Bot Ultimate Key Bot v5 Autoclicker bot 32Bit (Is usable on 64Bit systems) Nuke Bot
Proxy List
I do not refund if your account gets banned from!!!
Use is at own risk!
RATING : 6 points
GoodMask 0 11