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1. Create phone verified account automatically.

2. Proxy and Useragent support, so it can protect your account from being banned.

3. Being available to create accounts with multiple threads.

4. Saving the registered successful accounts, and the saved format of it is: Email account, Password, An alternate mail, Registered phone number, FirstName, LastName, Proxy, Useragent.

5. About the registered successful accounts file, you can change the file extension .txt to .csv, and then you can view the saved data as a table format. (Note: when you are running the task, please do not edit the file format).
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GoogleAccountCreator - Attached source code
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Releaser : Chad
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The Comments
Link69100 in 2018-08-09 9:54:43
Hey Chad, please can you explain me some parts of the new version of the Bot ? I'm pretty lost with the config ...  Skype, other ? Kind Regards
Chad in 2018-04-10 17:38:45

Visit this link to install the newest version of this application.

Note: please use getsmscode phone service. Most of the phone numbers from this service is available.
Chad in 2018-04-10 17:28:01

Visit this link to download the newest version of GoogleAccountCreator Bot.

Please install a Winrar if you cannot decompress the zip file.😊😊😊😊😊😊
bots4you to Chad in 2019-02-13 10:58:03
Is the program working now?
bobdarcy in 2018-01-26 4:20:49
This application is not extracting all the files.  Do i need to install XULRunner?? Sent several emails and still waiting for a response.  Also the getnumber() field is missing and I have an API field which is not listed in the tutorial above.
tconceicao in 2018-01-15 6:24:15
I can't file API code on getnumber. Can help me?
Fleur977 in 2017-09-09 5:56:03
Hi I bought the Google Account Creator bot  but can't find out how to install it.  Can you please point me in the right direction?
kaarmuhilan in 2017-08-16 0:03:43
Software is not working. It always says unknown error. Can you please help?
suvonkarsmgt in 2017-07-31 6:25:29
hi today i buy this account but can not run succsesfully . i follow as wise picture but after download xulrunner file can not see anything please helop me skype suvonkarsmgt i already requested your skype please solve me
ensite in 2017-07-19 9:13:56
The software is not saving variables when you switch tabs. The phone verification section also has no buttons to get the phone number. I have invested in this product, as well as phone credits but cannot get this to work. I reached out to support in hopes of resolution.
simongrieu to ensite in 2017-07-28 0:17:52
Exactly in the same situation as you. Waiting for Skype reply, or here, or anywhere !
huuhiepamz in 2017-06-16 17:47:09
can use it when I buy ?  PVACreator
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