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Mail.Com Account Creator
Are you looking for a solution to create lots of emails? Look no further, this module lets automate the process! Even covers captcha support! 
One reason you would want this over other email services is it will allow you create alias accounts with the created email. This means you can create another 10 alias accounts with only one sign up!
Mail.Com Account Creator
Releaser : kabone76
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The Comments
jimmiy4616 in 2016-10-12 15:28:52
The software is not working Please help
kabone76 to jimmiy4616 in 2016-10-18 4:18:25
If you are still having issues or have any other questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email me back at or contact me via Skype at SilenceTheDeathBringer. For faster responses please message me on skype.
karl in 2016-08-07 7:07:39
got in contact with the creator and getting it sorted
karl in 2016-08-07 6:23:06
Dont think this is supported and it does not work
karl to karl in 2016-08-07 6:24:14
also no answers to support emails
kabone76 to karl in 2016-08-07 6:26:51
Hello very sorry for the delayed reply. What issues are you having? 
karl to kabone76 in 2016-08-07 6:28:45
it stops after after entering the name . debug window closes and marked as failed
karl in 2016-08-04 18:20:35
How about spam rules and pop3 access? should have asked before buying but didnt
kabone76 to karl in 2016-08-07 6:25:48
This strictly creates the accounts nothing else. 
appleapple1453 in 2016-07-23 9:47:55
I downloaded this bot and still can't open it in dat. file

I try even contacted you by the email and I'm really getting piss the fuck off!!! 

cause I paid for something that don't even f****king work!!!

can you fix this or just give me back my money!!!!!

nothing working. my email is
kabone76 to appleapple1453 in 2016-07-23 10:52:23
Hello, Appleapple1435,

This is the source for BotChief Editor or a module to run in BotChief Runner. Please open the .dat file from within one of those. That is why the price is so cheap for this :)
kabone76 to appleapple1453 in 2016-07-25 8:40:47
An update has been release to add a GUI, this should solve your issue. If you have any other issues please feel free to contact me via skype, email, or on here. My skype is in your email inbox :) 
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