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Quick Introduction
What is BotChief Store ?
BotChief Store is a sub site of, BotChief Developer can sell their bots on BotChief Store very easily and anyone can buy bots from BotChief Store.
What is BotChief ?
Anything you do online can be automated with BotChief such as account register, content scraper and article submit etc. It will help you to collect and analyze information, synchronize online accounts, upload and download data, finish any other job that you might do in a web browser, and beyond. You can not only use BotChief to create yourself bots, but also sell your bots via our system to make money very fast, the best thing is that you don’t need know anything about programming to use BotChief. Go to for more details.
How to buy software on BotChief Store ?
Anyone can buy software from BotChief Store easily, there are many talented developers who create great bots and sell them with cheap price. You can always find what you need here, and the price is always affordable. If you want one bot and don’t find it here, you can post a requirement here, many developers will see it and make one for you.

We need all developers to provide 7 days unconditional refund policy at least, so you can buy software here without any worry, if you don’t like it, you can just ask refund. And the developer can increase the unconditional refund time if they want. When you buy the software, you can see the refund policy at the software details page.

After you pay the software, you will receive an email with the software download link, serial code and seller’s information. You can always contact the seller directly if you need any help or have any problem.
How to sell software on BotChief Store ?
BotChief Store is a great place to sell your bots, all payment will be sent to seller’s paypal account right away after people pay your software. By using BotChief, you can create a bot very fast, you can also use our integrated license system and auto-update system in your bot by one click, that means you can create a product that is ready to sell less than one hour. If you want, we can promote your bot in our more than 100K users list to help you to sell your bot. What are you waiting for? Check out BotChief and begin to make money now!

Here are the steps to sell your bot on BotChief Store:

Step 1. Become a BotChief user. Before sell your bot, you need create your bot first, BotChief is the easiest way now to create a bot. BotChief has free version, you can get it at But if you want to create a great bot and integrate our license system to sell your bot, suggest that you use the BotChief Developer Version.

Step 2. Create a BotChief developer account at . After create the developer account, you can add your software into the developer site, then integrate our license system and auto-update system into your bot. Notice: when create account on, you need input your botchief developer version serial code.

Step 3. Create a account. BotChief is developed by, so we just use account to login the BotChief Store. After get a account, you can login into BotChief Store and begin to sell your bot.

Step 4. Fill your paypal and other information. After login into BotChief Store, you need fill your paypal account, support email address and other emails, so that your buyers can pay you and find you if they need any help.

Step 5. Upload your bot to sell it. After fill all information, you can click “Upload and sell” to upload your bot, bot pictures, set price and other information, then click “submit” to finish. Now your bot is listed on our page and everyone can buy it directly.

Notice : There are some things you need know.
  1. For accepting paypal’s notification to send the software license to your buyer automatically after someone pays you, you need enable the IPN function of your paypal account.

  2. For generating and sending the license code to your buyer automatically after they pay, you need fill your BotChief developer account information and the product ID when upload your product to sell. You can find your product ID on after login into it.

  3. We promise that provide 7 days unconditional refund policy at least, so please write this in the refund policy when upload your software. And always provide a good support to your users. Your buyers can vote and comment your product after buy it that will affect your sales directly.